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The Witch's Daughter

The Witch's Daughter - Paula Brackston The Witch's Daughter is the story of good witch Elizabeth Anne Hawksmith, told in modern England to an adolescent protégé, in three distinct flashbacks. When Elizabeth and Tegan meet they seem to hit it off right away. While Elizabeth mentors Tegan in the ways of the Wiccan Hedgewitch, she tells her the stories of how she has come to be as she is. When the evil that has haunted Elizabeth threatens Tegan, Elizabeth must face her greatest fears, and herself, to save her newfound family.

Over-all, this novel is a fun read. Some of the characters are more dynamic than others, with one in particular being extremely flat. He does, however, serve his purpose well as a menacing antagonist and keeps the plot moving at a good pace. Each flash-back is richly detailed and framed nicely by diary-style prose in the modern setting. Thrilling, engrossing, and well-balanced, if a little shallow at time, I suggest this novel to anyone who likes a slightly fantastical historical fiction or likes to read about fictional witches.